4-H Goat Project Camp

In the Dairy Goat Project, youth will:
•Discover opportunities in the dairy goat industry by selecting a project goat, raising it, developing their own herd, and exploring careers in the industry
•Learn how to make products such as soap and cheese
•Understand the nutritive value of dairy products and promote their use
•Acquire skills in dairy goat production through ownership and care of dairy goats
•Learn marketing, processing, distribution, consumption, and use of dairy products


The one week camp serves as an introduction to dairy goats and showmanship. Participants can (and should!) continue their project throughout the year.


Goat Project Camp is offered three times this summer: Every Sunday from July 10 to August 7, Daily from July 11 through July  15 or August 1 through August 5. Sign up below. 

Starting Out

Learning More

Expanding Horizons

•Know your dairy goat breeds
•Select your animal
•Identify parts of the animal
•Learn to evaluate your animal
•Feed your animal
•Demonstrate multiple showing
•Grooming your animal
•Keep cost expense records
•Research on where to find
answers to all your dairy
•Showmanship techniques

•Ramp up your judging skills
•Make ethical decisions
•Identify a sick animal, how to
treat it, and future prevention
•Understand medication uses,
storage, administering of
medication and how it relates
to food safety
•Learn appropriate handling
techniques and housing of
dairy goats
•Evaluate feed quality and how
it affects digestion
•Find a career in goat

•Learn body condition scoring
•Debate animal welfare issues
•Use records to make
management decisions
•Investigate signs and causes of
•Balance a goat ration
•Learn about breeding and
reproduction techniques
•Promote the dairy industry
•Explore different career

Show your goat! 


Youth who would like to continue will be given the opportunity to lease their very own goat for this year’s show. They will be required to come to the farm on a regular basis to work with their goat in order to prepare for the show.  There is no cost for this program, Youth who want to continue the following year may be able to choose a goat from the next kidding to work with in the future.


Alternatively, youth who do not want to lease their own goat are welcome to come to the fair and help us (and partner farms) with shows without the responsibility of their own goat charge.


North Florida Fair Information

National Peanut Festival Information (Dothan)