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Morning Routine

So, last summer someone suggested I start blogging about life on the farm. I said I would, but knowing I am not very good at keeping up with most things, I wasn't sure I'd keep that up either. Obviously, I didn't. But, our guests often ask what we do on a regular basis here and [...]

Post Milking Routine

After finally gaining some confidence in milking (and being kinder to my hand), I really needed to get organized with all the milk. For real, right? We have a small fridge in the milk room, so if I have things to do after milking, I just pop the milk in the fridge for a few […]

The Goat Who Made Me Cry

I have wanted a dairy goat almost since the day I bought the farm. I had such romantic ideals of waking up early in the morning and trudging out to the barn, mason jars in hand, to share a quiet morning with a dairy goat as she munches away on breakfast.  Then, winding down the […]

So I want goats….what do I need to care for them?

If you are interested in goats the first question you need to ask yourself is what do you want to do with them? There are bulky breeds that are often used for meat, boer goats being a primary example. There are dairy breeds like nubian or nigerian dwarfs and there are goats that are used […]

Ode to Spring

It is so lovely here in the spring. The orange tree is in bloom and smells amazingly sweet. The moon flowers are in bloom for just a brief moment. The ducks are now big enough to enjoy the new pond. We are in full planting season including lavender, tomatoes and plenty of herbs. There are […]

How to Build a Duck or Chicken Run

As always, building the duck enclosure was a learning experience. And, as grandma said, education isnt free. We made several mistakes that cost us money and time. While it is completed and we are quite happy with it now, there are a few things I would do differently if I was building another pen. Don’t […]

The Ups and Downs of Kidding Season

Call me crazy but there is nothing cuter than a little baby goat. To me they smell like fresh air, sunshine and all that is right in this world. That said, kidding season is not for the faint of heart. It is physically and emotionally exhausting.As their shepherd, you see them several times a day […]

What Better Use for a Bathtub?

Farm life requires a certain amount of flexibility. If you are working on a limited budget, it is important to find multiple uses for everything, including the farmhouse. We realized that there was an unmet demand for local duck eggs. We already have two ducks, Duckie and Dee Dee, who were dropped off by some […]

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