Visiting the Farm

We get a lot of calls and messages for folks who just want to come visit the farm and spend some time with the goats. They always ask if there is a charge. No. We never charge for visits. While we are happy to take tax deductible donations toward feed (through the donate button above or at the box at the gate), we feel that, other than straight sales and educational events, profiting off animals is exploitative. We welcome the opportunity to help people learn about goats and life here on the farm.


Indeed, as stewards of the land and the herd, we believe we have a responsibility to share what we’ve built here and the herd loves visitors – so, if they are happy we are happy!

We just ask that you make an appointment, so we can meet you out front and that if you have visited other farms, you bring along a fresh pair of shoes before you come into the pasture.  



Make your appointment or book a class below!

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Once you make an appointment, we will email you a confirmation and directions to the farm. If you need to cancel, you can return here to do so or give us a call. If you are running late, please let us know! You can also request private yoga lessons or any of our farm classes through the button above!