Believe it or not, we started with just four goats in 2015! If you have ever had goats, you know how addictive they are – and how demanding they are! The goats really run the farm.  Their schedule is our schedule, especially at kidding time. Each has their own personality and they provide so much happiness and laughter around here!

Mouse over each photo for details about each goat. 

©Chelsea Mowery Photography


Bayou Country CG Beadacious (Buster Brown)

Buck in Charge

Buster is such a handsome fellow. The girls stand in line to chat with him. He throws the cutest teddy bear kids! Buster thinks he is in charge of the buck pen and we play along. Buster is a fan of peanut hay, hugs, and afternoon naps in the sun.
Photo courtesy of Bellemeadow Farm!

Bayou Country NO Balleroy (Leroy)

Best Beard Winner

Leroy has the coolest beard in town and he knows it. He loves to have his beard brushed and will always raise his head high so you can do a thorough job. He still acts like a kid, running and jumping, so full of energy! He thrives on attention and is always happy to get hugs and kisses!
Photo courtesy of Bellemeadow Farm!

GHF Torin Bee

Little Chief

Torin means "little chief" in Gaelic and this little guy already acts like one! We are just madly in love with his black lipstick and flashy colors. Torin is just full of spunk and and personality. It isn't often we keep a buckling, but this little man has a lot of promise. He is Tri's and Buster's son and we are really excited to increase their lovely lines on our farm.


Junior Does


The Flock

The Bosses