Goats for Sale

Sep 08

Goats for Sale

  • Posted by Melissa

Next Kidding

We generally kid twice a year, in early winter and in late spring.  We will post photos as the kids are born. Antony will sire all of our kids this year. If you want to reserve kids in general or kids from a specific doe, please contact us.

Sales Info:

  • We don’t sell for meat. All of our goats are for pets and dairy. They are not bred as meat goats and there are certainly many other places you can go for meat stock.
  • We do not sell bottle babies. We handle our kids a lot and the idea that kids must be bottle fed to be friendly is not at all true. Just come visit our goats, you’ll see. We believe mom’s milk is best and wean at 12 weeks.
  • Reserved goats require a $50 deposit for unregistered and $100 for registered. Deposits are nonrefundable except under extreme circumstances.
  • We do not sell goats to those looking to own one goat only. Goats are herd animals and get sad and depressed alone.
  • While we aim to raise our herd as naturally as possible, we do vaccinate for CDT and wether all males. Please let us know if you do not wish your new goat/s to be vaccinated or wethered. We do not wether unvaccinated males.
  • We prefer to keep siblings together and will offer a discount to do so.
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale.

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