Working at the Farm

Current Opening

Goat House Farm has two 50/30amp volunteer site exchange positions open for a couple or singles. Situated in a rural area of Tallahassee on Lake Talquin, we are surrounded by the beautiful Lake Talquin State Forest and Apalachicola National Forest. Great fishing and hiking trails and beautiful sunsets! We are also less than an hour from beaches, Tate’s Hell State Forest, and Wakulla Springs. The farm is about 20 miles from Florida State University. We have over 30 goats, one hog, and chickens.


We provide electric, water, wifi, laundry, kayak, fresh eggs, and a share of the harvest when growing (we don’t eat our animals though!). You are also welcome to join our goat yoga classes at no cost! Your visiting friends and family may stay for free in our rentals. 


We do not have sewer available – perfect opportunity for composting toilets, otherwise you will need to tote to our onsite septic. Gray water dumping is fine, but you must use environmentally friendly products.



Absolutely must be able to manage time well with attention to detail

Work is twenty hours a week with two days off. Shifts are flexible after a rotation through each and workcampers may trade shifts and/or days off with others throughout the season.

No experience necessary, but a good attitude and a love of animals, outdoors, and the farm life is absolutely required. If you are just looking for a place to stay and not passionate about farm life, this isn’t the place for you. We can’t stress that enough-farm life is not as glamorous as seen on tv! Must have an open mind, be adaptable to changing routines, and work well with others.


A Typical Day on the Farm

Morning Shift

  • Feed the animals
  • Let chickens out
  • Muck barns
  • Blow out pasture areas
  • Clean and filling waters
  • Fill hay feeders

Noon Shift

  • Flip checkout units
  • Clean common areas
  • Laundry
  • Check in early guests
  • Fill animal waters
  • Projects when no guests

Evening Shift

  • Clean feed troughs
  • Fill hay feeders
  • Quick barn sweep
  • Check in guests
  • Clean common areas
  • Gather eggs & lock chicken coop
Portrait of a brown chicken , hen , farm animal , farmlife , brown feathered chicken

Most weekends (and some weekdays) we may have several local volunteers on the farm doing community service hours. On those days, you will be responsible for passing your tasks to volunteers and supervising task completion (many are return volunteers and will know what to do!)


Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest days for morning shift and Fridays and Saturdays for noon and evening shifts, so we ask you not take those days off if you are on those shifts. After an initial two week shift rotation, you may choose to stick with a shift that works for you.  We want everyone to learn all areas of the farm so that it is easier to switch and fill in for each other. 


In addition to the farm director and volunteers, we try to have at least two or three workcampers (couples or singles), but often run short in the hot Florida summers. We do work hard to build a sense of community around here and want our workcampers to feel staying here is not just a job, but a place to call home for a while!  


Come spend some time with us!


Great opportunity if you want to learn to care for goats. You can be as involved as you like in milking, hoof trimming, medications, immunizations, and general care!


A few things of note: 

♦ No young children, please.and well behaved dogs allowed only at specific sites, so check to see that we have that available.

♦ Well behaved dogs allowed only at specific sites, so check to see that we have that available.

♦ We are located at the end of a bumpy 3/4 mile dirt road with only some patches cemented. The road is prone to flooding during multiple days of rain.  We’ve never had problems getting big rigs in, though it is slow going, but want to make sure folks know about the road.

♦ Vandwellers and tenters welcome. We have a bath house with a compost toilet and hot shower and an outdoor kitchen area.

♦ This is Florida! Winters are mild, spring and fall are beautiful, summer is hot (averaging 93 in June) and August is usually wet! We have bugs. 

♦ We prefer a minimum stay of three months with a two week notice for departure.

Apply Now!

References required. Please fill out the form below or email a cover letter telling us about yourself, your rig size, and a list of references to

Feel free to email if you have questions!

A huge thanks to all of our work campers, past and present!

Mavis and Jess, Mr. V, John and Chelsea (x3!), Doug and Leah, Mo and Faith, Tom and Jo, Matthew, Sarah, Jeanne and Ed, Cindy  and Steve (x4!), Jim and Judy, Paul and Veronica, Skip, Caroline and Michael, Mike, Priscilla, Crystal, Jen, Beth, Cav and Haley, Rose and Casey, Jason and Tineall, Michael and Patte, Tricia, Zack and Zoe; Eric and Amanda; our Short-term Volunteers and FSU student groups; our Admin volunteer Pam; and everyone else who has helped out while passing through or taking the time to volunteer on the farm!